Sunday, September 4, 2011


It is finally September. I feel almost like I wish the year away to get back to my favorite season, FALL! It always seems that we don't get a lot of fall weather here in Arkansas but I enjoy every bit of it while we have it. I thought I would list a few of my favorite things about fall.

#1 Razorback Football

There really is no further explanation for this one. :)

#2 Baking!
I love to bake. I made an Apple Pie yesterday for our Hog Watch Party.

I'm not a big pie maker. I normally go with cookies. LOTS of cookies. Or, cakes. Baking, to me, is fall. It just brings the warm smells into the house and just makes everyone happy.

#3 Fall Decorations
I have become addicted to Pinterest for ideas to decorate the house. I have found so many cute wreaths that I want to make. I'm not normally a crafty person but I'm feeling some inspiration from these ideas so I think I might just try it. Plus, the colors of fall are just wonderful. Reds, oranges and yellows just make me feel all cozy. And, really, is there anything better than fall colored Mums for your outside decorations.

#4 Thanksgving is coming!
Most people say that Christmas is their favorite Holiday. Not me. I do love Christmas but Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. It's all about the food! In case you didn't know, I love food. There's no stress about gifts or whatever. It's just food, family and football. :)

#5 Cooler Weather
I think that temps in the 70s are perfect. Most people would break out the long sleeves for that temp. Not me. I love them. I have always been hot natured. I guess I take after my Daddy.  I love that crisp feeling that the fall temps bring. just feels nice when you can open windows and let the breeze come on in.

That's my Top 5 things I love about Fall. What do you love about it?

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

So much to little time!!!

Wow! I haven't blogged since March! I really wanted to be a good blogger when I started this but life happens.

So, pretty much, my summer is about to get super busy. Here's what we've got going, in case you are interested.

#1 VACATION!!! Finally! We are going to Biloxi and plan to go to New Orleans for a day. I am so ready to go the beach. I hope it's nice. I'm nervous because I really wanted to go to Gulf Shores but the hubs doesn't like to drive. Biloxi is closer so that's where we are going. I'm sure it will be GREAT!

#2 VBS! I love VBS. As soon as we get home next Sunday, I have to go to Church to start decorating the food area for The Big Apple Adventure. I am so excited! I am "in charge" of the kids' meals this year. I say "in charge" but there is no way that I could do it without a lot of other people. I'm really just a list maker. Thankfully, I go to a wonderful church with lots of wonderful people. And, tomorrow, I am going to pick up props that my fabulous brother-n-law made for their VBS. I am getting a HUGE taxi and a bunch of other stuff. CAN'T WAIT to see it and I really just hope it fits in the vehicle. :)

#3 Ryan is getting his tonsils out on July 18th. I'm not so excited about this one but I am ready for this child to stop getting strep throat. We made the decision to get his tonsils out because he is starting Kindergarten this fall and I didn't want to take a chance of him being sick all.the.time!  I think this will make a big difference for him.  Thankfully, my in-laws are planning to come up and stay with him that week so he can rest and recover.

#4 And, PTO! I am the PTO President this year. I am very excited about this and looking forward to what I know will be an excellent year. We have so many things to do before school starts on August 15th. OH MY WORD! That is so close! STRESS!  Nah...we'll be fine.

I think that is all my brain can handle at the moment. Hopefully, once we get back from vaca, I can actually try to blog. Don't even begin to ask me about the whole "pay-it-forward" thing that I wanted to do. That has gotten really far behind. Hoping I can fulfill some of that when cooler weather rolls around.

Hope you are having a great summer. Until next time...

Friday, March 4, 2011

A week of firsts!

Wow! It has been almost a month since my last post. That's a long time.

Anyway, this week has been a week of firsts for me and the twins.

First, I started a Women Can Run clinic in Vilonia on Monday. We meet Monday & Thursday for the next 10 weeks to train for the 5K in May.  I have not really excercised or anything in a LONG time!!! So, thanks to peer pressure, I signed up. And, I'm tired of looking pregnant and I haven't been in almost 5 years. It's time to get in shape! I had a great time both nights this week.  We walked for 5 minutes and ran for 1 minute. We did this 5 times, I think. I kind of lost track since I was really just trying to push through.  I am so out of shape. I am determined to do this though. It helps that there are a lot of great ladies to walk/run/pass out with each night. I'll keep you posted if I make any weight loss progress.

Second, Ryan & Mason started Baseball practice on Tuesday night. They were so excited to start! I was so proud that they actually paid attention. Grant attempted to play baseball when he was their age and it did not go that well for us. We actually quit the team before the season ended.  I have a good feeling that this is going to be much better!! Casey is one of the assistant coaches and, of course, he was on call this week so had to miss their first practice. He's going out of town next week so he'll miss at least 1 if not 2 more. UGH! Oh well. Better be thankful he has a job, right?!? 

Last, but certainly not least, tonight I made my first batch of laundry detergent! I bought the ingredients several weeks ago but have not had time to make it and I had a bottle that I needed to finish. Well, we ran out yesterday so it was time.  I did not realize that so many of my friends made their own detergent! It made me feel that it was super cool to do this.  I bought all of the ingredients for a little over $10.  I have enough left over that it will make several more batches. All I will have to buy is a bar of soap which is not very expensive.  I don't know exactly how much I'll save by doing this but we wash a lot of clothes so I feel like it will be a lot.  Every little bit helps.

I haven't cooked anything lately because I haven't been home. I need to get more organized, again, with meal planning so we don't have to eat out so much.  I do plan to make a King Cake on Sunday, maybe. I have a recipe that looks really easy so I thought I would try it.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Look on the bright side...

So, I read a friend's blog the other day. She lives in Northwest Arkansas and they were snowed in last week. She gave a few pros to being snowed in for several days. So, I thought I would steal some of those and add some.

#1 Spending time with your kids. This is great since normally all you get is a weekend of family time. It would be better if my husband wasn't out of town. This is really only quality time the first few hours. Then, everyone starts fighting. We'll start all over again tomorrow. :)

#2 Saving gas! Since gas is $3 a gallon, it is nice to not have to drive back and forth to LR. So, I'm cool with that part.

#3 No make-up and your hair gets a break from the straightener or whatever you use! This is awesome because it gives your face a rest from all the make-up you wear each day. Your hair gets a nice break too. But, I guess some of you probably still get fixed up for snow days. Weirdos.

#4 Less laundry. For those of us not going out in the snow, we will only need our PJs each day. That means less stuff for me to wash. Between that and Casey being out of town, I should be caught up in no time.

#5 DVR catch-up! You can finally get caught up on everything you've been recording and never have time to watch. Of course, I am so behind on most of the shows so I don't really care to watch them anymore.

#6 Spring Cleaning. Well, this is not one I plan to do but you could. Just thought I'd throw it out to you.

#7 Lots of homecooked meals. This is your chance to make your family that meal that you don't have time for during the week. Again, this is probably not happening around here this week since they don't eat most of what I fix. Thanks to my sister, I dream of a big bowl of chicken & dumplins. May have to go to Cracker Barrell when we thaw out this weekend.

#8 Facebook. If you play the games, you could get caught up. I don't play any games but if you do, have fun with that. And, you can sit and read posts all day long about how much others are stressed by the snow.

That may be it for now. I'm sure there are more benefits but my brain is frozen. 

Till next time...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who wants cookies??

Today is a cookie baking kind of day.  I was deeply saddened yesterday that there was not any chocolate candy in this house! How on earth did that happen?!? So, today, I HAD to bake some cookies.

I made M&M cookies first. This is the recipe I used:  It is super easy and yummy. Sometimes, I just want a good M&M cookie. Plus, you can make them with the Holiday M&Ms so they kind of fit the Valentine's Day mood.

Next, I went with Ulitmate Chocolate Chip Cookies. I used the Crisco recipe for the regular shortening today. But, I really prefer this recipe: I was out of butter recipe sticks unfortunately. I like to try all sorts of different recipes for CC cookies. I love the recipe in the Williams-Sonoma cookbook but I really love Butter Flavor Crisco. :) 

Last but not least, I made Reese's Chewy Chocolate Cookies.
Here's the recipe:'S%20Chewy%20Chocolate%20Cookies.aspx#.  It was on the package of peanut butter chips that I had. They taste like Reese's PB Cups. YUMMY!

So, that's what I made today. I plan to find a good home for these cookies tomorrow if weather cooperates.

Also tomorrow, I am making cupcakes or a cake for my friend's bday. She chose Red Velvet so that's what it will be. I already have my recipe set aside.

Until next time...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confession is good for the soul...

So, I have a few confessions to make. I think it's time to get them off my chest.

#1 My meal planning went out the window. I wrote out a month and didn't do hardly any! SERIOUSLY! I had such good intentions. I'm going to have to start all over and get back on track. UGH! Maybe I'll just try for a week at a time. Baby steps.

#2 I have only done 1 of my pay it forwards for 2011. I planned to do 2 a month however I requested boxes from the Post Office almost 2 weeks ago and they just now arrived. The timing works out though since it's the weekend. I'll be able to get busy baking or something especially since my boys are going out of town.

#3 I am not sure that I have a third confession which is kind of sad. Do I not have more goals for myself? Wow! Oh wait. Maybe I should focus on the 2 goals at hand, but what kind of fun would that be?!?

#4 Wait...I thought of 1 more. It's not really a goal I've slipped on. It's just something I want to share. So, the Children's Choir at Church is starting a new play called "Sermon on the Mound." I have been listening to some of the songs and they are super catchy. I find myself wanting to sing a long and do the Cheer. :)

Again, in case you didn't notice the glee in my typing, my boys are going out of town with their Daddy this weekend. Is it wrong to be so happy about that? Momma needs a break. I'm sure my weekend will be filled with wonderful mounds of laundry and other types of cleaning. It's what Moms do.

Until next time...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Long time no blogging...

Well, It's been a while since I've blogged. I haven't really had too much to say and I haven't been doing anything exciting. It's been kind of nice. 

Anyway, tonight was the kick-off party for the Children's Choir at Church. We were going to do it last year and just kind of didn't follow through. This year we will even if I have to pull all my hair out to do it.

You see, I love my boys. I really do. However, they are BOYS through and through. They can't sit still for 2 seconds to listen. Well, mainly one of them can't still. It drives me crazy!!! I know people probably look at me and think 1 of 2 things. 1 - She really should get control of her children or 2 - Maybe she should take a chill pill since he is only 4. I probably should calm down but it drives me crazy when my children run around acting, well, like children. I know you probably think I'm uptight and I am. I think I expect too much out of my boys and then I get frustrated when it doesn't happen.

I will tell you that my children are good! They are sweet to each other when they want to be. They help me if I ask. I love my boys and feel very blessed to have them. I think it's more about me having unrealistic expectations. Plus, I have issues with running in Church. I think that adds to it. :)

Does anyone else feel this way??? Am I the only one? Have you found a secret that lets you be laid back about stuff? I'm going to make it a goal to calm down so I can enjoy my children more. But, if you have any advice, feel free to share.

Till next time...

P.S. I have not been baking much this week. Just haven't been inspired. I will hopefully get back on track soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Love Recipes!

So, if you can't tell, I love to bake things. Cookies, cakes, whatever! I love to bake. I have no idea why. I just do.  I don't mind cooking but baking is much more fun.

When I was growing up, I loved to make cookies. I didn't do it that much though because Momma liked me to clean up after myself. I'm not a fan of that part. Still not. Oh well.

A couple Christmases ago, I received the fancy Kitchenaid mixer. I LOVE THAT THING! However, I still use my hand mixer that we received for a wedding gift almost 12 years ago. (Thanks, Jill!) My dream is to one day have a kitchen that I can keep all that stuff handy so I can bake easily. Someday... friend asked where I've been finding recipes lately. So, I thought I would put together a list of my favorite sites! I love to look at blogs, websites, etc. to find new recipes. If it's simple and has ingredients that I like, I'll try to make it eventually.  :)

The Pioneer Woman
I was so excited the day that I received her cookbook!! The Chocolate Sheet cake is probably my favorite recipe in the whole book.

Tasty Kitchen
This is a link on The Pioneer Woman's page. It's recipes that other people have submitted. There are some great recipes on here and it always fun to look through it.

Southern Plate
This is a site that a friend posted on Facebook the other day. I have found a lot of good stuff on there. Simple, southern recipes. YUMMY!

A Year of Slowcooking
This is a blog that my friend from Church suggested. I have printed a lot of recipes from it too. and Pillsbury normally have really good and simple recipes too. I use a lot of them or at least check them out. You can sign up for their weekly emails and they will send you recipes for FREE!

Normally, if I can't find something I want, I Google it to find a site. and usually have something if all else fails.

These are just a few of my favorites as of right now. If you have a site you think I might like, let me know. I love recipes!! I had to get a new, bigger, better binder last year for all the ones I have so there's plenty of room to print out more. :)

Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pay it Forward 2011

So, having nothing to do (other than laundry and cleaning) on this snow day has me thinking. That normally gets me in trouble. :)

I wasn't going to do the whole "Pay it Forward 2011" thing on Facebook. I thought it was just too much pressure to make something to send to 5 people. I mean, that's 5 people that you just promised you would remember to send something HOMEMADE! Whooo...that's a lot of pressure. But, I had a friend that just needed 1 more. And, since I know her homemade stuff is super cool, I caved to the pressure. So, I had to repost it to my FB status. Then people signed up. Oh the stress of it all.

But, you know what? I thought this might actually be fun. And then I thought, why stop at just 5 people? Why not send 1 person something each month? It will most likely be food so if you're on a diet, you probably don't want to be a part of this. :)

So, I will start with those 5 (actually 6) people and add 6 more. The only catch is that when you receive your stuff, you have to do something for someone else. If everyone did something nice for someone different each month and that person did something nice, what would the world become??? We all know how much fun it is to receive but I want to have fun giving too.

Anyway, long plan short, do you want to be in on my "Pay it Forward 2011?" If you do, comment below or message me on FB. If I get more than 12, that will be great too. I am so excited! This is gonna be fun!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Birthday Boy

Today is Grant's 8th birthday. Wow! Eight years ago today at 3:51p, I had a baby. He was a little guy, too. He weighed 5lbs 13oz and was only 19 3/4 inches long.

It was so hard to imagine how much he would grow and change over these 8 years. He's such a sweet kid and so smart. And, he's pretty cute too.
I can't wait to see what he will do as he grows even more.

Pre-K Graduation

 1st Day of Kindergarten
1st Day of 1st Grade
1st Day of 2nd Grade

As you can see, Grant has grown quite a bit over the years. He's almost to my shoulder and weighs a good 80lbs. He's becoming quite a big boy. We stay pretty stocked up on the PB&J around here.

And, soon, he'll no longer think I'm a cool Mom. (I like to think he thinks that now, ok?) He'll grow up and go his own way. I pray he makes good choices and becomes the man that he is meant to be.

I love my boys more each day even though they test my patience through and through.
It's fun and interesting to watch them learn and grow up.

So, Happy 8th Birthday, Grant!
Love, Your Mom

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, do you ever have one of those days where it's just a day? Or, so you think.  Then you realize, huh? This wasn't just any day. Today, God showed me, AGAIN, that he is mighty and works in ways that I am not meant to understand.  It's amazing that God does not give up on showing us these little miracles since we are so hard-headed!

Anyway, today was just another day at work. Another drive into work. Another drive home. I was thinking about how I was going to budget money for this weekend. It's Grant's 8th birthday and we are having a small get together, etc. I'm trying to start the year off right and not be excessive. So, I get home and what do I find in the mail? A refund check from a doctor we took Grant to last year to be diagnosed with Aspergers. A REFUND CHECK! I just laughed. I thought, God just keeps blessing me and my family and what did I do today to deserve it??  And, then, I said Thank You Lord!!! :)

That would have been wonderful in itself but then I watched the interview with Ted Williams, the man with the Golden Voice. If you haven't seen him, he was Homeless as of yesterday. Today, he was offered a job and a house and is finally able to go see his 92 year old Momma again. And, he knows that God blessed him with that voice! His story is amazing. I cry just hearing him tell his story of being 2 1/2 years sober. People can change! Miracles do happen. And, he knows that God has a plan for him. Simply step back for a moment and say WOW! Because to me, that's all you can say. Other than, of course, THANK YOU LORD!

Anyway, I know we all have those stories or moments that slap us in the face. Some of us need that more than others. God knows the right time to send those messages too because it is all part of his master plan.

I hope you had a blessing come your way today. If not, the day's not over yet. :)


Monday, January 3, 2011

Meal Planning 101

Ok. So, I, more than likely, will never post 2 blogs in 1 day but I have a project that I'm working on and I need some input.

I've been reading a lot about people planning their meals for the week. This helps with their grocery store purchases and, I would think, their sanity. But, being the overachiever/overorganizer/crazy woman that I am, I thought WHY NOT PLAN THE WHOLE MONTH!?! Yeah, that's probably a bit much but I'm trying.

The problem is I'm not very creative with meals. I get stuck in a rut. Chicken or Hamburger? Soup or Soup? I need some help but I'm not a chef so it really needs to be simple. And, since I work, it really needs to be quick.  I use my crockpot some so I am planning for some meals using that but I normally only associate a roast or chicken with the crockpot.

See! It's hard to get out of your comfort zone.

So, do you plan meals for your family? Do you have a go to meal that everyone loves? Give me suggestions. Give me recipes. I really want to be better in 2011 and not waste so much money on eating out.  And, who knows? Maybe you'll find some recipes on here that you like and we can all do better together.

To blog or not to blog...

So, I've been thinking about starting a blog. I don't know that I have anything more important to say than anyone else but I thought it might be fun. Plus, everyone else is doing it! Might as well jump on the bandwagon, RIGHT?

Anywho. Here's something to talk about. Tomorrow is the BIG GAME! The Hogs and the Buckeyes. Sugar Bowl. New Orleans. BCS Bowl. What else can I say to describe it other than I'm pumped to watch. I think this is going to be a great game and I'm proud of the Hogs either way. What a great season.

Well, this first post is short and "sugary" sweet. I have to go fix my family some fine cuisine cause that's how we roll around here. Only the finest for my boys. Hmmm...sloppy joes or fajitas tonight?? Fajitas it is!

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll remember that I have a blog so I can post another time. :)