Monday, January 3, 2011

Meal Planning 101

Ok. So, I, more than likely, will never post 2 blogs in 1 day but I have a project that I'm working on and I need some input.

I've been reading a lot about people planning their meals for the week. This helps with their grocery store purchases and, I would think, their sanity. But, being the overachiever/overorganizer/crazy woman that I am, I thought WHY NOT PLAN THE WHOLE MONTH!?! Yeah, that's probably a bit much but I'm trying.

The problem is I'm not very creative with meals. I get stuck in a rut. Chicken or Hamburger? Soup or Soup? I need some help but I'm not a chef so it really needs to be simple. And, since I work, it really needs to be quick.  I use my crockpot some so I am planning for some meals using that but I normally only associate a roast or chicken with the crockpot.

See! It's hard to get out of your comfort zone.

So, do you plan meals for your family? Do you have a go to meal that everyone loves? Give me suggestions. Give me recipes. I really want to be better in 2011 and not waste so much money on eating out.  And, who knows? Maybe you'll find some recipes on here that you like and we can all do better together.

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  1. I do not plan meals. I've tried it more than once, but I just can't do it well.
    My kid's fav meal right now is chicken breast soaked in dells and then wrapped in bacon and then baked. Sides of your choice. It's super easy and fast cause you don't have to soak it in the dells that long.