Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, do you ever have one of those days where it's just a day? Or, so you think.  Then you realize, huh? This wasn't just any day. Today, God showed me, AGAIN, that he is mighty and works in ways that I am not meant to understand.  It's amazing that God does not give up on showing us these little miracles since we are so hard-headed!

Anyway, today was just another day at work. Another drive into work. Another drive home. I was thinking about how I was going to budget money for this weekend. It's Grant's 8th birthday and we are having a small get together, etc. I'm trying to start the year off right and not be excessive. So, I get home and what do I find in the mail? A refund check from a doctor we took Grant to last year to be diagnosed with Aspergers. A REFUND CHECK! I just laughed. I thought, God just keeps blessing me and my family and what did I do today to deserve it??  And, then, I said Thank You Lord!!! :)

That would have been wonderful in itself but then I watched the interview with Ted Williams, the man with the Golden Voice. If you haven't seen him, he was Homeless as of yesterday. Today, he was offered a job and a house and is finally able to go see his 92 year old Momma again. And, he knows that God blessed him with that voice! His story is amazing. I cry just hearing him tell his story of being 2 1/2 years sober. People can change! Miracles do happen. And, he knows that God has a plan for him. Simply step back for a moment and say WOW! Because to me, that's all you can say. Other than, of course, THANK YOU LORD!

Anyway, I know we all have those stories or moments that slap us in the face. Some of us need that more than others. God knows the right time to send those messages too because it is all part of his master plan.

I hope you had a blessing come your way today. If not, the day's not over yet. :)


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