Friday, March 4, 2011

A week of firsts!

Wow! It has been almost a month since my last post. That's a long time.

Anyway, this week has been a week of firsts for me and the twins.

First, I started a Women Can Run clinic in Vilonia on Monday. We meet Monday & Thursday for the next 10 weeks to train for the 5K in May.  I have not really excercised or anything in a LONG time!!! So, thanks to peer pressure, I signed up. And, I'm tired of looking pregnant and I haven't been in almost 5 years. It's time to get in shape! I had a great time both nights this week.  We walked for 5 minutes and ran for 1 minute. We did this 5 times, I think. I kind of lost track since I was really just trying to push through.  I am so out of shape. I am determined to do this though. It helps that there are a lot of great ladies to walk/run/pass out with each night. I'll keep you posted if I make any weight loss progress.

Second, Ryan & Mason started Baseball practice on Tuesday night. They were so excited to start! I was so proud that they actually paid attention. Grant attempted to play baseball when he was their age and it did not go that well for us. We actually quit the team before the season ended.  I have a good feeling that this is going to be much better!! Casey is one of the assistant coaches and, of course, he was on call this week so had to miss their first practice. He's going out of town next week so he'll miss at least 1 if not 2 more. UGH! Oh well. Better be thankful he has a job, right?!? 

Last, but certainly not least, tonight I made my first batch of laundry detergent! I bought the ingredients several weeks ago but have not had time to make it and I had a bottle that I needed to finish. Well, we ran out yesterday so it was time.  I did not realize that so many of my friends made their own detergent! It made me feel that it was super cool to do this.  I bought all of the ingredients for a little over $10.  I have enough left over that it will make several more batches. All I will have to buy is a bar of soap which is not very expensive.  I don't know exactly how much I'll save by doing this but we wash a lot of clothes so I feel like it will be a lot.  Every little bit helps.

I haven't cooked anything lately because I haven't been home. I need to get more organized, again, with meal planning so we don't have to eat out so much.  I do plan to make a King Cake on Sunday, maybe. I have a recipe that looks really easy so I thought I would try it.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Until next time...

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